S.A.L.T. Spa LLC - 808 S. Huron (Inside Northern Michigan Cosmetics) 231.818.1373
Prepare for your visit

1.    Reservations for adults and children are required. We offer family sessions (adults with kids 0-12) and        adults only sessions (13 and older) - when making the reservations please specify the number and age of        guests. - for children under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be present during the salt therapy session.

2.    Salt booth sessions are roughly from 10-30 minutes.

3.    Please arrive 10 min before the appointed session. If you arrive late, your session will end at the originally        scheduled time, so the clients following you are not penalized. If you arrive late and another client is waiting        you will have to wait for the next available opening.

4.    Shoes are not allowed in the salt booth, you can bring spare white socks. Please bring socks for        children.

5.    Electronic devices or any personal belongings are not allowed in the salt booth (with the exception of        medications, if needed). The Salt Spa is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

6.    Please be quiet during the adult session. - to avoid any unnecessary disturbance please stay in the        booth/seated during your session; you can leave the room any time if needed but leaving the booth door        (ajar) open is not allowed during the session.

7.    Food or drinks are not allowed in the salt booth. If necessary, you can bring a bottle of water. We provide        drinking water in the waiting room.

8.    Do not touch walls or any equipment inside the salt booth.

9.    The air temperature inside the salt cave is 75F, we provide blankets as needed.

10.  The spa employee will inform you when the session is over.

Member is required to give The Salt Spa 24 hours notice for any appointment which can't be kept.
Member can only book one session a day but can stay up to two sessions if space is available.

General rules:
Membership is not transferable to another person, picture ID could be required.
Booking depends on availability. Membership includes Salt Booth Therapy sessions only.